The Flu Shot Is Like a Day at the Spa. No, Really.

You hear it over and over this time of year. Like a game day concessions vendor shouting through the crowd, it goes something like this: "Flu shots! Flu shots! Get your flu shots here!"

And I do! I may not be smiling like the girl in the picture here because I'm a bit of a needle wimp, but I get the shot anyway. I like knowing it will keep me from getting the flu as I maneuver my way through the malls, grocery stores, and other potentially germ-filled crowds over the next couple of months. It beats being down and out with a nasty bout of influenza any day.

But if all the reasons out there to get vaccinated don't move you to get it done -- like that influenza kills thousands of people every year -- here's one that just might do the trick. I have recently discovered that getting a flu shot is like going to a spa! And who doesn't want to have a spa day at least once a year?


Spas give you a chance to practice some relaxation techniques. So do flu shot clinics. Take slow, deep breaths before you get your vaccine. Picture every muscle in your body relaxing, especially the arm that's about to get the needle.

When you get a massage, you can talk if you want ... or not. It's up to you. Like a massage therapist, the person giving you the flu shot usually follows your lead with the chit-chatting.

You can pick and choose from a menu of treatments at a spa: Facials, manicures, and massages are quite popular. And there is a menu with the flu vaccine, too. Which would you prefer -- the traditional shot in the arm or the nasal-spray, FluMist?

You leave a spa feeling good. Same thing goes after you get a flu shot. You feel good because you know you're protected against influenza.

Oh, and here are some bonuses you get from a flu shot clinic that you won't get at a spa: You don't have to tip anyone or get naked and lay on a table.

So what are you waiting for? You're due for that spa day ... err ... flu shot.


Image via drinjecto/Flickr

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