The Miranda Lambert Diet Strategy You Haven't Tried Yet

It was Miranda Lambert's big night. She was looking all fabulous and stuff during the CMA Awards, wasn't she? The country singer gained a few trophies -- for album of the year, video of the year, and Female Vocalist of the Year. And she lost a few inches, toning down to a sexy size 6. Just in time for her 27th birthday and the big awards ceremony.

Sound familiar? I mean, who hasn't wanted to get all dolled up and look super hot for a big event or two in our lives? Maybe a milestone birthday, wedding, or reunion of some sort. So you get all fired up and eat more fruits and vegetables, swear off pizza and sugar, and go to the gym non-stop to get super buff. And it works. You look fabulous.

Then ... the event is over. And gone too is your desire to work out so hard and eat right. All of a sudden, having pizza and ice cream every night doesn't seem like such a bad idea. The weight you worked so hard to lose comes back on and brings with it a few extra pounds.


Don't let that happen! How do you stop it? You gotta get ready for another event, of course.

I'm not asking you to crash someone else's reunion or anything like that -- although, that could be fun. I'm saying pick a day each week and think of that as a big event. Stay with me here.

Say you pick Wednesday. Wednesday is now a big deal just like that milestone birthday was. You look forward to Wednesdays. You want to look and feel good for Wednesdays. Every week. It will breathe exciting new life into your mundane eating and exercise routines. Try it.

When you want to skip going to the gym, remember Wednesday is coming up and you want to be the best looking one there. That’ll get your motivation going again. When you're tempted to eat too many greasy foods, think of how much better your Wednesday dress will look on you if you pass. And for those times you don't think you can lift one more weight, push through and know it will pay off when you see your toned arms in your sexy Wednesday top.

All of a sudden, you have goals again. A focus. Motivation. Knowing Wednesday is coming up is the wind on your fitness back. And the best part? You'll be looking good every week for life. And when those special occasions come around, you'll always be red carpet ready.


Image via kindofadraag/Flickr

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