Another BIG Reason Cats Are Better Than Dogs ...


catsThe stereotype of the crazy cat lady stalks every single woman who has a cat and likes it. Well, worry no more about appearing undateable and just a little nuts: Cats actually make their owners happier and healthier than dogs do.

Hah. Can we now just acknowledge that Cats Rule, Dogs Drool?

It's true owning any kind of a pet validates us, improves our morale, and motivates us to take better care of ourselves. But cat owners report more of those good things.

Cats are beautiful, their fur smells nice, they're soft, and being with them is cozy and soothing. They purr gently and don't bark or chew things. They actually make us happier, healthier, and more gentle. Sure, they can't make us go for a walk with them, but their lower demands and soft, nice fur make them much less stressful pets.

They demand respect, which in turn can teach us to do the same. 

Dogs, on the other hand, revenge pee when they're mad at you, bark like maniacs at the mailman for, oh, let's say eight years straight, chew things (RIP cute chunky-heeled sandals!), and smell terrible. And they are considerably higher-maintenance than cats; you can't just give a dog a lot of food and some water and be gone for 12 hours. Cats will sleep all day and greet you happily when you do get home; dogs will have chewed your entire house and peed on the rug.

Cats also take care of us: There's a nursing home that has a cat who goes to visit residents soon before they die and stays with them until they pass, so they won't be alone. Some stand guard over their owners while they are nursing a baby or recovering from illness, and they have an unerring sense of when we are sad or scared and offer their comforting presence.

In short, it's time to throw off the restrictive collar of crazy person sterotyes, feline fanciers, and claim our true status as the most well-adjusted pet owners.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

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nonmember avatar Mandy

I used to be a dog person. We have been having our dog for 4 years and we have a 14 month old son but our dog never did take to our son. She is so sassy, demanding and she barks at everything. She is mainly an outside dog now. If we ever consider getting another animal it definitely will not be a dog..everything that you said about dogs is true, for us anyway :)

thedg... thedgoddess

Dog person.  All the way. Despite all of the obvious benefits of having a cat.  Plus, I'm allergic.

Nisey... Niseyjy77

I would have to say that I am a dog person all the way...  Nothing against cats, it is just when I am having a bad day at all my dog knows and he will come over to me and make me feel better by licking my hand or my face.  I love coming home from a long day at work and my dog is so excited to see me..  It puts me in high spirits..  Playing tug of war with him is so much fun and we got the dog when our children were little and they grow up together.... I AM A DOG PERSON ALL THE WAY!!!!

nonmember avatar Christine

Cat person here! I have always loved cats. I have lived with a cat since I was born. When I was 6 I got my first two cats that were mine not the familys. I cherished them for 19 and 20 years. My husband, daughter, and I now have 2 cats. We had both of them before our daughter was born. Our daughter wants a dog now and we are thinking maybe in another year we will make a trip to the pound. Both my husband and I grew up with cats and dogs and do not want to deprive our daughter of the love of a dog. I do love dogs; I just love cats more :) Purring can calm me like nothing else!

Purpl... PurpleAunt

Dogs are cool and loving, but I prefer to own cats. While my cat might not agree, I can leave him alone for more than a day. There are rotten, vengeful cats out there, sure. But overall I enjoy their sometimes-standoffish ways. Everybody needs their own space sometimes!

Kittt... Kittty_Katt

i adore cats they complete me

RanaA... RanaAurora

CAT.  Totally a cat person.

jsnzmom jsnzmom

I like dogs, especially when they belong to someone else.  But I am definitely a cat person--just ask the three who allow me to live in their home!  With three high-maintenance children, I really wanted a low-maintenance pet.   My cats are very intuitive, and always do their best to comfort me when I'm upset.  While I think dogs are great pets, I wouldn't trade my kittybabies for anything!

DebaLa DebaLa

Eh, I think your cat profiling resembles my dogs and vice versa all the way. The funny sighs in her sleep, the sound of lapping from the water bowl, and stroking silky Shih Tzu hair are very soothing to me. She doubles as a hot water bottle when I have cramps and gets right into position. AND she's a fun companion for my daughter. She patiently lets my daughter dress her up. Like sibs, they compete for stuffed animals and dolls. Too cute.

Karen... KarenRN429

Dogs who chew or bark incessantly are not properly trained. And not all dogs stink. All cat litter boxes, on the other hand, do stink.

Cats come when they feel like deigning to let you pet them. Dogs are right there for lovin' as soon as you call.

I can -- and have -- left my dog for 12 hours with no bad behavior noted.

Cats hiss and scratch at you for no apparent reason. And then there's hairballs.

All that being said, I have always been a cat person. I grew up with cats in the house and had one until just after my oldest son was born. They are beautiful. And graceful and (occasionally) cozy and cuddley. But between their stand-offish behavior and the stinky dirty job of a litter box, I don't think I'll ever have a cat again. 

But I also had dogs through my entire childhood. And ultimately, I have to say I'm a dog person. They do all the same things that cats do when it comes to taking care of us. And when was the last time you saw a movie or show about a cat who regularly rescued his owner a la "Lassie"?

I'll take cute and cuddley over refined and beautiful when it comes to my pet.

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