Another BIG Reason Cats Are Better Than Dogs ...

catsThe stereotype of the crazy cat lady stalks every single woman who has a cat and likes it. Well, worry no more about appearing undateable and just a little nuts: Cats actually make their owners happier and healthier than dogs do.

Hah. Can we now just acknowledge that Cats Rule, Dogs Drool?

It's true owning any kind of a pet validates us, improves our morale, and motivates us to take better care of ourselves. But cat owners report more of those good things.

Cats are beautiful, their fur smells nice, they're soft, and being with them is cozy and soothing. They purr gently and don't bark or chew things. They actually make us happier, healthier, and more gentle. Sure, they can't make us go for a walk with them, but their lower demands and soft, nice fur make them much less stressful pets.


They demand respect, which in turn can teach us to do the same. 

Dogs, on the other hand, revenge pee when they're mad at you, bark like maniacs at the mailman for, oh, let's say eight years straight, chew things (RIP cute chunky-heeled sandals!), and smell terrible. And they are considerably higher-maintenance than cats; you can't just give a dog a lot of food and some water and be gone for 12 hours. Cats will sleep all day and greet you happily when you do get home; dogs will have chewed your entire house and peed on the rug.

Cats also take care of us: There's a nursing home that has a cat who goes to visit residents soon before they die and stays with them until they pass, so they won't be alone. Some stand guard over their owners while they are nursing a baby or recovering from illness, and they have an unerring sense of when we are sad or scared and offer their comforting presence.

In short, it's time to throw off the restrictive collar of crazy person sterotyes, feline fanciers, and claim our true status as the most well-adjusted pet owners.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

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