'127 Hours': Could You Watch a Man Amputate His Arm?

Did you see 127 Hours this weekend? You know, the new movie about the real-life story of the hiker who had an 800-pound boulder fall on his arm and trap him? He amputated his arm to save his own life.

I have decided not to see it. Not because I don't think it's an absolutely amazing story of courage. But because I don't think I can handle it and I'm afraid it will made me sick. Literally. Call me a wimp, but I'm nauseous just thinking about the guy using a dull knife to cut through the bones of his arm to free himself.

There have already been reports of people getting dizzy and fainting during 127 Hours. Psychologists say it's normal for your body to react this way when you're watching a graphic scene even though you know it's just a movie. Apparently, blood doesn't make its way to the brain as fast as it should when you're that disturbed so you end up feeling faint, lightheaded, or sweaty.


So what should you do if you decide to brave it to a potentially sickening movie, then you aren't sure if you can handle it once you're there?

Avoid the nachos. You know how sometimes nacho cheese can smell like something close to vomit if you're feeling sick? Enough said. 

Don't get the popcorn either. Greasy, buttery foods when you're feeling sick are a bad idea. They can upset your stomach even more and make your nausea worse.

Drink a 7UP or Sprite. Cold, clear, carbonated drinks can make the nausea subside. 

Get the Junior Mints. Mint can help calm your stomach, so maybe Junior Mints can do the same? If they don't, at least you'll have a cool minty taste in your mouth when you get sick.

Keep cool. Use the candy box to fan yourself so you don't feel so sweaty or lightheaded.

If all else fails, cover your eyes. This is what I do if I'm somehow faced with a disturbing scene. I don't watch. Tell me when it's over please.

127 Hours isn't the first movie that has made people sick. Other nausea-inducing films include The Blair Witch Project, Saving Private Ryan, and The Passion of the Christ.

And yes, I was too wimpy to see those movies, too.


Image via LOVEFiLM.com/Flickr

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