5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Exercising on the Road

woman on exercise ball in gym
Stay in shape and have a ball while you're traveling.

Don't let your travel plans derail your exercise routine. It's easy to take a vacation from fitness when you're on the road, and you'll find a million excuses to slack off, but skipping exercise "just for a few days" is a slippery slope, and you know it. A few days of lazy can stretch to a week, or more, and it's harder to get back into your groove again when you get back home.

The trick to tricking yourself into exercising while you travel is to plan for it, and to sneak it in. Here are five easy ways to work some exercise into your trip:


1.  Bring stylish walking shoes: Just say no to the tried but failed tennis shoes with the business suit a la Melanie Griffith in Working Girl look. If you're a business traveler, invest in some decent, stylish shoes that you can actually walk around town in without killing your feet or your mood.

Check out Ecco, Merrel, Naot, and Dansko. If these shoes seem too "hippie girl" for you, consider trying their boots with a skirt for a fresh take on comfortable hip-ness. I walked all over Manhattan recently in my comfortable Mia high-heeled clogs I wore with black tights and a black skirt for meetings and sightseeing. Hint: a well placed Band-Aid or two added in the morning, before you start walking, can save the day.

2. Pack your running shoes: Sure, they take up space, but stuff them with socks and underwear, and wrap them in a plastic grocery sack that you can use for packing dirty clothes back home again. Then tell yourself, "Sheesh, since I brought these clunky shoes all the way here, I'd might as well use them."

3. Use your shoes! The hotel gym is easy and safe, and you can always run up and down the back stairs instead of using the elevator for a quick workout, but if you're in a new city, you really should explore at least part of it on foot. Forget the cab, walk to your sightseeing destinations. If you're a runner, check online portals like Map My Run or Run the Planet for route ideas in the city you're visiting. Look up the local specialty running store online, too. They usually have listings for local running groups who don't mind if you drop in.

4. Fun with rubber bands: Weight resistance exercise bands are easy and light to pack in your suitcase and can give you a great workout while you're watching TV in the morning or talking to your kids on video Skype at night before bed. Check out these other great and easy exercises you can do in your office or hotel room.

5.  Get creative! Think outside the box and have fun with fitness. Carla Brinberg, a popular fitness blogger and mother of one "Tornado" girl, came up with some great airport workout ideas while traveling with her 4-year-old recently. Check out her blog, MizfitOnline, for more easy workout fitness videos (including fun with rubberbands!).

Is this mom tricking her girl into exercising while traveling, or is it the other way around? Enjoy your trip!

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