Facebook Will Make You Blind

facebook makes you blind
Can You Read Me Now?
Notice anything different about Facebook lately? Do you find you're squinting to read the fine print of your friend's, "Ohmygod I just had the BEST burrito" updates?

It appears the font sizes on Facebook shrank, and people in the Twitterverse are tweeting mad. Or at least tweeting irritated. And now we can start telling all the kids that too much Facebooking will make you go blind. Hooray for medical excuses to curb teenage behavior problems!

Although, personally, I haven't noticed a difference in my font size, but since everyone else has, I'll just take the group-think word on it. As soon as I start having eye strain and headaches, however, I might have to decrease my FB time.

Which might be exactly the point.


I'm over 35, which puts me in the old and annoying category of Facebook users, at least according to multiple online groups out there. Additionally, I'm a parent, so wow, do some people hate the fact that I'm on Facebook. God forbid I offend anyone with my kid's Halloween photos. It's better that I just keep that stuff to myself.

However, FB will have to do a lot more than shrink the font size to get me to stop telling people about my toddler's new knock-knock joke obsession. Like add a new security feature that makes me log in and remember my password every time I want to share my thoughts on the election, the school system, or my family vacation. My mind isn't as agile as it used to be!

Or, Facebook could produce a study that shows modest weight gain for every hour spent 'Like'ing.' That would do the trick.

What health hazard would make you stop using Facebook?

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