What Does Jennifer Aniston Really Eat?

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston supposedly ate pureed baby food for 14 days to get ready for her upcoming movie, Just Go With It.

In a new cookbook, her personal chefs -- Jewels and Jill Elmore -- claim Aniston subsists on a cucumber diet (with a few other foods thrown in).

Earlier this year, she told Us that she likes the following foods: yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal, peanut butter, cottage cheese and fruit, and almonds.

And somewhere years ago, I remember reading that one of her favorite treats is chips and salsa.

So what does Aniston really eat ... and, more importantly, why exactly do we care so much?


There are thousands of diet and nutrition books out there with plans, menus, and motivation, but somehow seeing what Jennifer Aniston -- or any other celebrity we want to look like -- eats is the source of endless fascination. 

Maybe because we believe she must have a secret we've been missing -- something she knows or does that we just don't?

If only we could figure out her formula, we could apply it ourselves and live happily and hot-bodied ever after.

Jen is particularly food-stalk worthy because she seems so accessible, so down-to-earth and real, but there are plenty of us who see diet and any fit celeb in the headline and can't devour and try to decode the information quickly enough. 

Why did you choose to click on this article?

Of course we also know it doesn't work like that.

Forget the personal chefs at their disposal, the time and money to work out at will, and the willpower restored by trainers and classes and hikes through exotic locales. Not to mention frames, metabolisms, and genetics that are likely very different from our own.

And who knows, they probably lie about what they eat, anyway. I'd probably at least fib/exaggerate if a national magazine asked me to tell them what I eat daily. I'd leave out the fact that I skip breakfast sometimes so I can have real mayonnaise on my sandwich at lunch or that instead of dinner tonight, I had a heaping helping of Halloween candy.

So we may just be trying to follow a bunch of PR talking points, anyway.

But still we want to know, to compare and contrast what we eat, see just how far off we are from being like them.

If a celebrity can inspire you to get healthier, great, but to try and mimic their each and every bite and behavior is ludicrous and likely more harmful than helpful in the long run. Because as frustrating and unfair as it is, few of us are ever going to get Jen's body, no matter what we eat ... or don't.

Do you seek out information about what your favorite celebrities eat and try to mimic their diets?

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