Good Husbands Don't Care About Our Weight

Brittany Andy Barefoot FoodieBrittany at Barefoot Foodie talked her husband Andy into making a video response to the awful fat-phobic Marie Claire article by Maura Kelly, and their video talk is really quite marvelous. Or Brittany and Andy are marvelous, I'm not sure which but both, I think.

The couple have a candid discussion about Brittany's self-proclaimed weight issues so that Brittany can get a little perspective about how Andy sees and thinks about her body. Funny thing is in all the time Brittany spends worrying about her body, Andy is spending his time thinking about car batteries and the downfalls of shrimp farming. Go figure.

See the couple's video talk after the break.


Here is Brittany and Andy's talk about weight:

I love how Andy absolutely does not "go there" with Brittany down her neurotic path of self-cruelty or obsessive bantering (oh, how I relate to this woman). And in no way does it appear he's just being nice either. His mind just does not go into body-bashing territory. He just doesn't think about his wife's body in this way. At all.

Now I know there's a lot more to a woman's self-image and, um, dare I say, body psychosis (I, too, have spent countless hours crying in the closet) than what her partner thinks. There's that part about how the woman actually thinks and feels about herself that also matters pretty big. However, I think every woman deserves a loving partner like we see here in Andy, one that accepts her openly just the way she is.

It's hard enough, after all, to tame the demons of negative self image without our beloved spouse nitpicking alongside the voices in our head. Without worrying that our weight is somehow tied to love or our love-ability.

Sure, some women have weight issues and will want or need to, for health reasons, deal with them at some point, hopefully with the love and support of their dear mates. When that is not the case, the real issues probably have nothing to do with the scale at all.

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Does your partner harass you about your weight? Are you worrying needlessly about your weight when your partner loves you just the way you are?

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