The Scary Risks of Beauty Tattoos

Wouldn't it be nice if your eyebrows were always filled in just right, your eye liner didn't smear, and your lip liner looked perfect every day? Just think of all the hassle gone from your makeup routine.

More women are trying to save time getting gorgeous. Permanent makeup, also called micropigmentation or cosmetic tattoos, has gotten very popular in the past few years. The most common types of permanent cosmetics are eyebrow pencil, eye liner, and lip liner. Each procedure costs on average, between $400-$600.

But is this growing trend worth the risk? I was surprised to learn that few states regulate cosmetic tattoos. And because of negative reactions from patients, the FDA warns "the application of permanent makeup can result in serious, long-term, disfiguring reactions."


If you do choose to have permanent makeup, make sure you find a specialist with a lot of experience. And be careful out there. This is your face we're talking about. There are a lot of people performing these procedures that shouldn't be.

Keep these risks in mind:

Disappointing results: The colors might not be quite right, or you could end up with funky looking eyebrows, smudgy looking eyeliner, or off-kilter lip liner.

Infection: If a place uses unsterile tattooing equipment and needles, you can get skin infections or an infectious disease, like hepatitis.

Allergic reactions: This is rare, but if it happens, the problem is removing the pigment. The FDA says you can even develop an allergic reaction to permanent makeup you've had for years.

Removal problems: Laser technology may be advanced, but removing permanent makeup usually involves several treatments which can add up financially. Plus complete removal without scarring may be impossible.

One color to avoid if you have commitment issues: green. The diode in the laser does not recognize it, so chances are you're stuck with green tattoos for life.

Oh, and if all these risks weren't scary enough, permanent cosmetics are not exactly permanent. Like tattoos, they can fade over time, so you might need follow-up treatments over the years.

Makes the trouble of putting on makeup every day seem like a treat.


Image via pumpkincat210/Flickr

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