Mouth-to-Mouth Nothing! 3 Everyday Habits That Really Gross Me Out

Ever notice all the gross things people do? Like nobody can see them? They touch gross things. Even eat them. Sometimes both ... without blinking an eye.

I started thinking about this after the new CPR recommendations came out that now focus on chest compressions without the mouth to mouth resuscitation that bystanders hesitated to perform. So, let me get this straight. You would not put your lips on those of a stranger's to save their life? But you'll do all kinds of grossness like it's second nature?

Exhibit A: Sample trays at grocery stores without toothpicks or other sanitary ways to remove the food. People just dig in and put their hands all over those bread samples (or whatever the food happens to be). Where have their hands been? The next person to reach in doesn't seem to care.


Exhibit B: Lip gloss at the department store makeup counters. I've seen you double dip in those testers like it's your own personal makeup. You know who you are. Stop. You are not the only one who wants to try that fabulous new color. Community makeup is disgusting.

Exhibit C: Making out with a complete stranger after having a few drinks. Isn't this kind of like CPR anyway ... only without the passion ... or alcohol? Or maybe the alcohol kills all the germs you're so worried about.

I stay away from reach-in-with-your-hands sample trays, double-dipped-in lipgloss testers and making out with strangers. With or without alcohol.

What grosses you out?


Image via MuseumMouth/Flickr

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