7 T-Shirts Too Dangerous to Wear

When you see this T-shirt, how do you feel? Angry? Confused? Saddened? A bit of WTF?

Sure, there are some T-shirts you'd rather not see your daughter wear. I'd say this one about takes the cake ... bringing that bit of concern to a whole other level.

With pro-anorexia groups, blogs, and pages circulating throughout the web -- the scariest concern is that someone might don this tee and be serious.

Check out six other T-shirts that may be detrimental to your health.


Alcohol t-shirt

The last time I checked, alcohol was a drug. So replacing hard drugs with the more acceptable alternative (Snooki style) really sounds like an A+ idea; get 'em girl.

My Anti-Drug is Alcohol Roll-Cuff Tee ($32) at Urban Outfitters


pro smoking t-shirt

Clever? Yes. But follow the message on this shirt and it will leave you with a higher likelihood of cancer and mouth diseases, and possibly an addicted offspring.

Pro-Smoking I Like Big Butts Tee ($25.30) at Zazzle


drunk driving t-shirt

Rejoice your horrible habit with this tee and join the company of wonderful celebs like Heather Locklear, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and George Clooney.

Drunk Driving Tee ($31.20) at Zazzle


I never got the memo about sexual harassment being funny. Just like the T-shirt company didn't get the memo that "Sexual Harassment" isn't a proper noun.

I Could Use a Little Sexual Harassment Tee ($26.25) at Zazzle


surprise rape tshirt

An easy way to tell everyone at the bar how open you are to a polite, unwelcomed sexual encounter.

It's Not Rape If You Shout Surprise (£10.99) at Offensive T-Shirts UK


weed t-shirt

Who needs real friends when you have cannabis, anyway?

Truly Madly Deeply Friend With Weed Scoopneck Tee ($32) at Urban Outfitters


Are these tees too dangerous to wear?

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