Confessing With the Stars: Hollywood's Health Regrets

We're not the only ones who look back at our past health habits and wonder, What the hell was I thinking, drinking every night during college ... smoking until I was in my 30s ... subsisting only on Diet Coke and popcorn to "diet"?

In a turn of "They're just like us!" events, several celebs have recently confessed that they wish they too haven't always lived as healthfully as they would have liked. (And no, I'm not just talking about Heidi Montag's G-cup sized regret.) 

I have to admit, reading their confessions is kind of refreshing ... (Kinda makes me feel not as bad about the time in high school when I tried to do the Atkins Diet but got so hungry that I ended up going to McDonald's for fries and soft serve.)

Here, a few of celebs' remorse related to diets, sex, drugs, and more ...


Brooke Shields may still be as gorgeous as she was back when she was best known as the Calvin Klein jeans girl, but believe it or not, she kept those pants on until she was 22. And not losing her virginity sooner is her biggest health regret. She told Health magazine in 2009 that she thinks that if she had lost it sooner, she would have been more comfortable with herself and thinner to boot. Shields attributes her "issues with weight" and carrying around "20 extra pounds in college" to poor body image. 

Hilary Duff recently shared that she was seriously unhappy in her late teens, because she let herself "get too skinny." Her diet consisted only of steamed veggies and grilled chicken. She says hearing people -- cough, tabloids/nasty bloggers/insane Hollywood managers, cough -- talk smack about her looks really affected her. I, for one, am really glad to hear she has newfound body acceptance and realizes moderation is the way to go.

Kim Kardashian just turned 30, but she's already an old hat at Botox. A couple of months back, she had the procedure and ended up with bruising after her injections. While that's a normal response, Kim had a bit of a freak-out and later went on the record stating that she felt she was too young to get Botox. Duh.

Kathy Bates may have won lots of awards for amazing performances, but she feels like she lost out by keeping mum for six years about her battle with ovarian cancer. The actress was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2003, but didn't go public with it until 2009. "I think it may have helped more people because it's such a difficult disease to diagnose early; I was very very lucky," says Bates, who has been in total remission for over five years and is now a spokeswoman for the Ovarian Cancer Foundation. At least she's speaking out about it now!

Kelly Osbourne's full body makeover won't be complete until she has the majority of her 15 tattoos removed. She recently wrote in the British magazine Closer that she'll keep some that are close to her heart, but she'll say goodbye to others that she now considers "a mistake." She elaborated that she doesn't want to be defined by her ink.

What's your biggest health regret?


Image via People Magazine

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