You Know You're Addicted to the Internet If ...

How much time do you spend online? You know, reading stuff on websites like this one, doing a little shopping, hanging out on Facebook and such. Is it, say, an hour a day? Or more like 23 hours?

A new report finds a link between spending too much time online and depression. So you gotta be careful out there on the world wide web. Want to know if your online habits are unhealthy? Here are some sure signs you're addicted to the Internet.

  • You have third degree burns on your legs because your laptop gets so hot from being on 24/7.
  • You haven't had face to face contact with a human in 41 days.
  • You hear the birds tweet outside and you think Twitter now comes with audio.
  • You use your laptop as a makeshift table to eat your meals so you don't miss anything happening online.
  • You forget to make your kids' lunches because you got too distracted watching the latest You Tube video star. For the 97th time.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. Funny lists like this are everywhere, but you get the idea. Spending too much time online can really be bad for your mental health if you're not careful. There are now treatment centers for Internet addicts. Seriously. And you can take an online questionnaire to find out whether your level of Internet addiction is mild, moderate, or severe.

On the flip side, some experts say "Internet addiction" is still an unproven concept.

Still, if you use the light from your computer as your night light or think the reflection from the screen is really your mirror, I think you might have a problem.


Image via Silver Starre/Flickr

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