Jean Claude Van Damme Denies Heart Attack

Jean-Claude Van DammeRumors and press reports have been flying fast and furious that Jean-Claude Van Damme suffered a heart attack while filming his new movie Weapon, just one day after his 50th birthday.

Shocking news given his fabulous physique and appearance as the epitome of good health. It leaves one wondering if he didn't have some secret bad habits -- a stealth affinity for burgers and fries -- or an underlying health condition perhaps.

Only he denies he had a heart attack.


"JCVD is in better shape than ever and preparing for his fight in July," his website states. "He did not suffer from a heart attack on the set of Weapon as reported on some websites!"

So is it a case of a tough guy not wanting to admit he's been taken down, or is it all really rumors?

It certainly wouldn't be out of the ordinary for completely false rumors to circulate about a celebrity's health. I think "Justin Bieber Dead" trends about once a month, if not more frequently.

But this case seems to have a little more substance, and more details.

The incident allegedly happened in New Orleans after the cast had returned from filming in Romania. He was reportedly briefly hospitalized and released. Afterward one of his reps told MTV via e-mai, "He is okay."

It's a bit curious the rep wouldn't have denied that Van Damme suffered a heart attack at that time.

And he'd certainly have plenty of reasons for not wanting people to question his health. That's what he's made his living off of -- portraying power and invincibility. Would we still be as likely to watch him in movies like Until Death if we're worried about his death?

We certainly hope the rumors are just that, though shame on the media if they are.

But if they're not, and he really did suffer a heart attack, we wish Van Damme well and hope that he's able to move on, get healthy, and keep kicking ass.

Would it change your image of John-Claude Van Damme if he did suffer a heart attack?

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