10 Ways to Stick to Your Diet During the Holidays

thanksgivingSomebody ought to start November off with a Paul Revere-like ride through the countryside yelling, "The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming!" It might kick our fat cells into high gear so they'd know how to act come party time.

Since there isn't much call for horseback rides in the bitter cold, The Stir has opted for the next best thing: real coping methods to stick to your diet during the holidays.


How do we know they'll work? We asked real women to tell us how they do it year after year:

1. Pick Your Party: "I try to focus on the big things -- the parties that I know will have great food and drinks, the big family events -- and I let myself go a little overboard at those. But, at the mediocre parties with so-so food, I stick with the veggies."

2. Skip the Cocktails. "And I never go for the creamy drinks -- wine has enough calories for me, thanks."

3. Fill Up Beforehand. "I try to drink plenty of water [and] eat healthy snacks so I'm not famished at dinner."

4. Stick to Gum. "Gum works best to keep me from snacking. Something about fresh minty mouth keeps me from eating what I don't need."

5. Plan Before You Plate. "Load up your plate with veggies/fruits first, and then add a little bit of the remaining dishes. That way your plate is too full to pile on too many starches."

6. Have Someone Else Taste Test. "Find out what foods are worth spending precious calories on."

7. Don't Be Afraid to Leave Food Behind. "Carbs taste good, but pack on the pounds. Throw them away -- don't add to your plate unless they are worth the calories. Chow down on veggies and protein first to fill up."

8. Walk After Dinner. "Over-indulging happens, but you can make up for it very quickly if you get moving. Plus, it gets you away from the temptation of dessert."

9. Don't Deny Yourself Anything, But Keep It Simple. "Moderation is the key, nothing should be off-limits or you will go overboard on it."

10. Send Food Home With the Guests. Leftovers do not have to taunt you.

How do you do it?

Image via Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr

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