5 Weird Things Our Menstrual Cycles Make Us Do

As if it weren't enough that we feel crappy when we're PMSing or ovulating. (Got mittelschmerz? No, it's not a type of German lager ... it's those strange mid-cycle cramps!) Turns out that our hormones could influence behavior, immunity -- and yeah, even our bank accounts at different points in our cycle. 

For instance, you may have heard that British scientists found that we're more likely to overspend when we're premenstrual. Yep, two-thirds of PMSing respondents had "bought something on impulse." 

That explains so many clothing items that now hang in my closet unworn. Sigh.

Here, even more ways our hormones are messing with us -- for better or for worse -- throughout the month. After all, it (literally) pays to know ...


1. We dance sexier when we're ovulating. If you've ever considered trying amateur night at a strip club, you'll probably do your best if you go when you're mid-cycle. One study found that erotic dancers made $335 per 5-hour shift during their fertile phase vs. $185 during menstruation. The likely reason? Their dancing is more "solicitous."

2. We don't strut like peacocks when we're most fertile. The sexy factor doesn't seem to translate to walking down the street. Researchers found that women don't stroll around with a Beyonce-like swing of the hips at that time of the month. Why not? We're subconsciously keeping unwanted sexual attention at bay. 

3. We're less likely to take risks mid-cycle. A few studies have shown that we're less likely to, say, walk down a dark alleyway or talk to creepy-looking strangers when we're most fertile. Apparently, we're hormonally inclined to be more concerned with our "personal safety." 

4. We're more susceptible to colds during the middle third of our cycles. One study found that 77 percent of women exposed to cold viruses during the middle of their cycles developed colds, compared to 29 percent of other women. The culprit is probably estrogen, which thins the cervical mucus -- and also in our noses, making it easier for invading viruses to curse us with a case of the coughs and sniffles.

5. We're more likely to fall for a guy with a baby face when we're menstruating.  When menstruating, we're more drawn to men with softer features, because they seem kinder and more cooperative. But when we're ovulating, we're all about the ripped, beefy man's man. 

What's a weird way in which your cycle messes with you?


Image via tinou bao/Flickr

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