21 Pounds in 21 Days: Is Steve Harvey Really a Woman?

21 pounds in 21 days steve harveySteve Harvey is going on the Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox, 21 Pounds in 21 Days, and we'll hear all about it for 21 (long) days on Harvey's radio show. While I'm not sure what Martha's Vineyard has to do with it -- personally, I ate a lot of shellfish while visiting -- the diet detox is a 21-day liquid diet designed to clean out your body and ostensibly drop 21 pounds.

Sounds about as healthy as "the master cleanse" or any other liquid diet that is impossible to sustain as soon as you are finished with your stint.

Of course with this diet, no one would be making any money if it was just "drink your fruits and vegetables," so there is a kit you can buy and a Facebook fan page you can join to go through this 21-day journey through hell with Steve Harvey.

What's up with Steve Harvey lately, anyway?


First the comedian and radio talk show host is giving women dating advice, and now he's going on a liquid diet?

Why is the 53-year-old entertainer so into "women's issues"? I'm thinking he's going after Oprah's audience that will soon be up for grabs. Just wait, there will be a springtime announcement about a new daytime talk show, hosted by Harvey and endorsed by The Big O. Expect Harvey to tackle the mysteries of the female orgasm and menopause next.

Would you go on this diet?


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