Leonardo DiCaprio: Stays Sane Boozing & Acting a Fool?

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio attributes his sanity to booze and letting loose with his friends. Yes, we said his sanity.

Now getting drunk for sanity is not something we hear or see much in Hollywood. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Since when is throwing back a few stiff drinks a way celebrities keep sane? Is Leo really getting wasted and acting a fool, or is he the one normal celebrity who drinks with a conscience in Hollywood?


"I go out and have a drink every once in a while," Leo told Showbiz Spy. "Ooh, I know that’s controversial, isn’t it? I sometimes go on a vacation, too."

Apparently, the handsome actor is also a bit of a smart ass. Supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli must be into that. I know I like a guy with a knack for sarcasm. However, what about all this drinking to stay sane business? And how insane is he in the first place if he's only going out for a drink "every once in awhile"?

DiCaprio explains:

I take what I do very seriously, and when I’m on the set, that’s all I focus on, so my vice is to hang out with my friends and talk about absolutely nothing of importance whatsoever and act like a complete idiot because I’ve got to filter out a lot of the serious stuff I’m dealing with all the time. It’s like therapy to just be a complete idiot with my friends and it’s fantastic.

A complete idiot huh? I think Leo must also have a knack for exaggeration, too, because there's no way Leo is out acting too much a fool, or we would know about it by now. In Hollywood, if you like to drink and be an idiot, you promptly end up with a DUI or a SCRAM bracelet, and you sure don't pull out of a Mel Gibson movie (I mean, Mel's the king "complete idiotness"). In Hollywood, there's just no such thing as "every once in awhile" idiot drinking. Drinking every once in awhile is probably completely healthy.

So I don't know. I think Leo's pulling our leg here. I think he's trying to create his own mini scandal when really he's a normal drinker, consuming alcohol in the healthy range. The goody goody actor's probably confusing acting like a "complete idiot" with getting a teeny tiny buzz once in awhile, giggling, and thinking about ways to save the planet. Sorry, no scandal here.

He's one wild and crazy guy!

What do you think? Is Leo DiCaprio really using alcohol to stay sane?


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