What's Your Plastic Surgery Horoscope?

heidi montag plastic surgeryWith so many body parts tucked, lifted, or lipo'd in Hollywood all the time, you'd think there wouldn't be any plastic surgery left for people anywhere else in the country. Not to worry. You can still have your nips and tucks if you want 'em. But what you decide to have done may depend on where you live -- much like a horoscope, but making a prediction based on where you live rather than the alignment of the planets.

Why? Because the types of plastic surgeries vary from region to region across the country.

Plastic surgeons say weather is a big factor. For example, if you live in states with more variable climates, like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you might focus more on tweaking your face with things like lip and nose jobs. But if you live in states where it's warm and sunny year-round like California and Arizona, you might be more body-conscious because you'll be wearing less clothing, hence the tummy tucks and boob jobs.


Let's take a spin across the U.S. and see who gets what done where, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Oh, and guess what? We asked some of our favorite celebrities to help us prove our point, or scalpel, as the case may be ...


Trya Banks nose jobLive in New England or the Mid-Atlantic region?

These states had the highest numbers of lip augmentation and nose reshaping.

Celebrity case in point: Tyra Banks lives in New York and, by the looks of things, may have had a nose job. And maybe some teeth whitening. And Botox for that ultra-smooth forehead. Or is that all just airbrushing?




Wynnona Judd cheek implantsLive in East and West South Central States?

More women received cheek implants and hair transplants in 2009 than in other regions.

Celebrity case in point: Wynonna Judd lives in Tennessee and is rumored to have had cheek implants. Yep, Southern hospitality with a cheek implant smile. And could all that big hair in the South be from hair transplants? Teased hair transplants?

Live in the Mountain/Pacific states?

These areas lead the country in boob jobs, liposuction, tummy tucks, and eyelid surgeries.

Celebrity case in point: Too many to mention, but let's just go with Heidi Montag since she lives in Hollywood and has had pretty much every type of plastic surgery done. This part of the country is all about sunshine, skimpy clothing, and showing off various parts of your body ... fake or not.

Then there's the theory that the demand for different procedures can feed off of itself. You know, people want what they see and what they're used to. Which would explain why everyone in Hollywood goes under the knife. It's like keeping up with the Joneses.

What would you like to get done? Does your first choice reflect the trend in your area of the country?


Images (top to bottom) via David Becker/Andrew H. Walker/Ethan Miller/All from Getty

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