5 Moving Breast Cancer Movies

breast cancer awarenessIf you haven't realized it yet -- whether from an "I like it" Facebook status, pink ribbons everywhere, or otherwise -- October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

While the deadly disease is far from entertaining, there have been some touching movies made about the subject that may help women better understand what a friend or relative is going through, or offer someone going through it some insights from someone else's portrayed journey.

Here are five movies that explore breast cancer from a variety of perspectives. Some use humor, others are based on true stories, but all of them give an inside look at this awful killer we all fear.


1 a Minute (2010) The docudrama is based on the life of Namrata Singh Gujral, a breast cancer survivor. She also weaves in the stories of other famous women who have faced the disease and are among the millions of women diagnosed every year -- 1 every 69 seconds.

Living Proof (2008) This Lifetime movie starring Harry Connick Jr. explores the true story of Dr. Dennis Slamon, who developed Herceptin, a treatment for breast cancer.

My Breast (1994) Meredith Baxter stars in this television movie about a single woman and the effect a breast cancer diagnosis has on her life. It's a true story based on the bestselling book by Joyce Wadler.

My Breast

The Family Stone (2005) This star-packed comedy/drama features Diane Keaton as the matriarch at the center of the family who has all gathered for the holidays. Amidst all the chaos and drama, she's fighting terminal breast cancer.

The Family Stone

Pieces of April (2003) Katie Holmes stars in this one about a rebellious daughter and her mother (played by Patricia Clarkson) who is dying from breast cancer.

Pieces of April

Which of these have you seen? Have you seen others that do a good job of exploring the painful topic?

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