'Biggest Loser' Recap: Be Careful What You Wish For

biggest loserThings are getting tough on The Biggest Loser, and on tonight's episode, the not-so-tough wanted to get going ... home.

**Spoilers ahead **

The episode opened with Tina Elliot, the 58-year-old grandmother who flew off the treadmill last week, announcing she was ready to leave the ranch. It was the day after the elimination in which she had just been saved.

Really, you couldn't have thought of this a few hours ago so that Allie, who WANTED to stay, could have?

"It's just gah-bage," as Brendan from Boston said.

After some protests and prodding, the REAL reason Tina wanted to go home came out:


She wanted to go on vacation.

Apparently she had pulled out $16K in funds to spring for a family vacation, and she didn't want to miss it. I don't blame her, but she should have thought of that sooner ... like before she let Allie go home.

Then Lisa Mosely jumped on the I-wanna-leave wagon. While she may have just been hungry and exhausted, she kept saying she wanted to go home and help Allie. 

Isn't there a saying somewhere about having to help yourself first ... or is that just when it comes to oxygen masks on airplanes?

Bob Harper came in to knock some sense into them, and the ladies stayed ... for awhile.

The rest of the show went on: The lovely Anna Kournikova taught some tennis; the contestants dug in 175 tons of sand for brass rings; and somewhere along the way, a light bulb went off in one of the women's heads, making her want to stay.

The other contestants realized it was Lisa -- the woman with a young daughter who had starved herself to the point of hospitalization to avoid looking like her mother -- who really wanted to be there.

So Tina got her wish and was sent packing.

In the final tape that gives an update on the current status of the person sent home (my favorite part), we saw Tina making progress on her own terms. 

She's already lost almost 60 pounds and has provided inspiration and support to her daughter -- who has lost 85 pounds -- as well. They hope to appear on the finale having lost a combined total of 200 pounds. Good luck to them.

There was no update as to how the vacation went.

Did you think Tina was the right person to be sent home this week?

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