Eye Drops and Super Glue: A Recipe for Disaster

superglue eyeYou think you're having a craptacular morning? Irmgard Holm's day last week will put yours to shame.

The Phoenix senior citizen had cataract surgery and needed to use eye drops. So, of course, she stored them right next to the super glue -- like you do -- and disaster ensued. She went to put the drops in her eyes, only to feel a horrible burning sensation that let her know she'd made a big mistake.

By the time paramedics got there, the glue had dried and sealed her eye shut. They had to cut the glue out of her eye to allow her to see.


GAHHHH. Poor lady. The embarrassment factor alone must be huge. She told a local TV station:

"The bottles are identical and I am not young anymore, but I am not senile."

Now, when you have identical bottles of eye drops and super glue, and have just had cataract surgery (so maybe you're not seeing so well), storing them far apart, perhaps in different rooms, is wise, no?

But I'm sure all of us have an equally boneheaded story when we're sleep-deprived.

Mine is eye-related also: I use a brand of contact lens cleaner/disinfectant/soaking solution that is made out of hydrogen peroxide. You put your lenses in it and it neutralizes overnight. There are warnings all over the bottle not to put it in your eye. Guess what I did one morning, when I was in a hurry? Walking around in my glasses for two days with a red, weeping eye was fun.

I've also shaved only one leg, left a burner going on the stove, and washed loads of laundry without soap.

What's your worst boneheaded moment?


Image via Lenore Edman/Flickr

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