Burn 500 Calories Just by Enjoying Halloween

jack o lanterns

Halloween is coming, and it's time to indulge, but it doesn't have to result in the pudge. While you may ingest a few more calories from all the treats -- either from the office party or sneaked from your kids' bags when they're not looking -- you can also use the holiday to your advantage and get in a great workout Halloween style.


Last-Minute Candy Shopping. This can be especially physical when you wait until the final hours as you have to fight for the last remaining bags of what's left. Odds are it will be the crappy stuff, which will result in you burning more calories later (see cleanup below).

Shopping for 10 minutes = 23 calories

Make a Jack o' Lantern. While I can't find exact calorie counts for cutting pumpkins specifically, I'd say it's akin in exertion level to tailoring/cutting cloth.

Carving a pumpkin for 15 minutes = 39 calories 

Prime the Stomachs. Make sure your family members' stomachs are prepared with something healthy before all the sugar hits.

Cooking for 30 minutes = 78 calories

Do the Monster Mash. If you're heading to a party, hit the dance floor. If you have little ones, get those ghosts and goblins to boogie out some of their excitement before the sun goes down and they can head out to trick or treat. 

Dancing for 15 minutes = 87 calories

Trick or Treating. Depending on the ages of the children you're going with, it can be a significant workout. But for these purposes I'm basing it on an hour's worth of walking, including at least 10 minutes of running to keep up with said children.

Candy grubbing for 1 hour = 205 calories

Egging Houses and Toilet Papering Trees. You know, for all those people who hand out the healthy alternative crap or just turn their lights out and pretend they're aren't home. (Since I can't find an accurate calorie count for these activities, I'd say playing billiards is a pretty close approximation.)

Basic Halloween mischief = 49 calories

Cleanup. After someone eggs YOUR car, you may have a little cleaning up of your own to do.

Car washing for 15 minutes = 66 calories

Brush Away the Damage. No matter how tired you are, tonight is not the night to skip your dental hygiene.

Brushing your teeth for 5 minutes = 12 calories

And there you have it, all the justification you need to indulge in the sugary goodness of Halloween. Of course, how many calories you take in to make up for them is up to you!

Note: All calorie estimates were done based on the weight of a 130-pound woman, so you may need to throw more or fewer eggs to achieve the final total depending on your weight. 

What are your favorite Halloween activities?

Image via JAXZONE/Flickr

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