The Sneaky 40-Minute Workout

Ever have those days when you just don't have time to fit a workout in your schedule? That seems to be happening to me more often lately. So I decided to get a little creative. Instead of skipping working out altogether, I multitask and create my own exercise opportunities while I work and throughout my day.

Exercise Opportunity #1: The first thing I do every morning is plop down my exercise mat and do some sit-ups. I do this as I tune in to the news to make sure I know what's going on that day.

Exercise Opportunity #2: As I'm brushing my teeth, I throw in some squats for good measure.


Exercise Opportunity #3: Next, I go to my computer. This is where things can get ugly. Sometimes, I completely lose track of time. Hours go by. And I'm still sitting. But while I'm sitting on my booty, I work it. As in glute squeezes. Might as well put all that sitting down to good use, right?

Exercise Opportunity #4: Early in the afternoon, I hop in my car to go make my rounds to visit my clients. I usually make two stops, and at each one, I walk in the parking lot for 10 minutes.

Exercise Opportunity #5: When I get home, there always seems to be laundry to do. Our washer and dryer are in the basement, so I hit the stairs. I go up and down the steps for 10 minutes after I load the washer and again as I empty the dryer.

Exercise Opportunity #6: As my husband tells me about his day, I do one more round of crunches, a few stretches, and I'm good to go. At the end of the day, I've done 40 minutes of cardio and a little toning to boot.

It adds up quickly. And yes, those short bouts of exercise really do count. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says breaking up your workouts into smaller chunks throughout the day is perfectly fine, as long as you're working out at a moderate or vigorous level for at least 10 minutes at a time.


Image via rrazor/Flickr

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