13 Signs You Are Addicted to Your Cell Phone

people on phonesIn another sign that younger people are going to take over the world with technology, aspirational-pretty website Apartment Therapy posted a survey showing that 83 percent of millennials (those ages 18 to 29) sleep with their cell phones.

Sounds weird? Well, for many of them, if not most, their cell phone is their only phone so they need it next to them for emergencies, just like your mom and dad had their bedside phone. Landlines are as outdated to the under-30 crowd as rotary phones were to people my age. Also, many young'uns use them as alarm clocks; some have never owned an actual separate bedside clock.

So if sleeping with your phone on your nightstand isn't a sign of addiction, what is? See if you recognize yourself in these:

  • You actually sleep with it ... not on your nightstand, but cuddled under your chin like a teddy bear.
  • You secretly kiss it goodnight before you do your partner.
  • You can't read regular books or magazines in bed anymore; the only text that looks normal to you is on a tiny, glowing screen.
  • You're annoyed beyond belief when there isn't an app for that -- and by "that" we mean things like reading to your kids, taking the dog out, or brushing your teeth.
  • You pace in front of the charger until the phone is finished juicing up.
  • Your kids come home from school with a picture they drew of you -- and your face has been replaced by the outline of a smartphone because that's how they most often see you.
  • You know where all the dead zones are for your carrier and avoid them to the point of missing your best friend's birthday party because you can't get a reliable signal at her house.
  • You don't travel anymore because flights without cell service give you the cold sweats.
  • You've shoved aside your kid to get to your phone before it hits the ground.
  • You find your family's and friends' jokes about your "phone jones" not at all funny.
  • Your partner has had to text you to get your attention. At the dinner table.
  • You've gotten in actual screaming fights with people over speculation that Verizon is getting the iPhone ... and you can generally talk politics and religion with perfect diplomacy.
  • You've answered it at the gym, during a job interview, or during sex.

Sound familiar? Anything we missed?


Image via Wonderlane/Flickr

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