Drew Carey & Other Former Fatties Who Looked Better Fat

Drew CareyDrew Carey has recently lost an amazing amount of weight -- 80 pounds in all -- and he's still working to lose a few more to reach his goal weight of 170.

He's done it the right way, through good-old fashioned diet and exercise, and he's happier than ever.

"The hardest diet I was ever on was the one when I was fat," Carey recently told Parade magazine. "You can only wear fat clothes, you don't feel good, your sex life gets damaged, you don't have energy for anything. It's horrible."

Amazing, and congratulations to him and his health, but there's a touch of sadness in saying goodbye to the old fat funny guy we all once knew and loved.

And doesn't he look just a little too much like Larry King now?

There are some people whose weight loss is just so startling, our eyes have a hard time letting go of their poundage. While we high-five their new svelte selves, we do miss the days of chub.

Here are six other former fatties who we kinda wish had stayed that way:


Al RokerAl Roker After undergoing gastric weight loss surgery, Today's funny man looks ... a little funny. No longer the big, huggable teddy bear, he looks more than hungry during the cooking segments. Don't you just want to feed him?

John GoodmanJohn Goodman The former big guy also lost some pretty impressive poundage lately -- more than 100 pounds. He's even working out with Mackie Shilstone, the same trainer who coaches mega athlete Serena Williams. Shilstone says Goodman is in such good shape, he may even be ready for some athletic roles. Sorry, Dan Connor as an athlete just does not compute.

Randy JacksonRandy Jackson Even with gastric bypass surgery, the American Idol judge's weight has yo-yo'd up and down over the years. Somehow "dawg" and "yo" repeated 57 times per minute of the show seems more tolerable coming from him when he's heavier.

Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey Sure we cheer for Oprah and her well-publicized weight-loss efforts when they work, but the queen of all things is just a tad more relatable to the struggles of everywoman when she has a tad bit of extra padding on her -- like now.

Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne It was great to watch Kelly whittle away the pounds on Dancing With the Stars, and she's managed to keep off those 40 pounds and then some. But while before she was a quirky, rebellious thing, her new figure has her looking like the rest of Hollywood's waif-like fashionistas.

50 Cent50 Cent The rapper looked downright skeletal after losing 50 pounds for the movie Things Fall Apart. If he doesn't pack back on a few pounds, he should at least be required to change his name to 10 Cent or something, no?

Of course, our longings for their larger loins aren't enough to trump the health benefits of weight loss, so we wish them well in their continued efforts at maintaining it.

But if they slip up and gain back a few pounds, we'll be OK with that too.

Which celebrities do you think just look better fat?


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