Laptopitis & Other Ways Gadgets Are Trying to Kill Us

laptopAre you aware of the growing risk of "laptopitis"? It's a real thing, and it doesn't mean the sensation of extreme panic if you're away from your laptop for too long. It refers to the back and neck strain that occurs when you hunch yourself over your laptop with your back in a C-curve.

What other maladies might occur from too much tech use? Hmmmm ...

Lazy thumb: When your thumb falls asleep after over-using apps on your smartphone.

Booty root: Common to freelancers, this occurs when you realize your butt has carved a permanent imprint on the couch from doing all your work there.


Stiff click: The wrist strain and stiff, easily cracked knuckles from moving your mouse back and forth all day.

Jingle jangle: The temporary jolt that occurs when you set the ringer on your phone too loud -- or forget to turn it off during an important meeting or, say, a funeral.

Coffeehouse cardiac event: When your heart stops beating momentarily after you spend an hour typing something into an online form, and then hit submit just as the Wi-Fi crashes at the coffeehouse you're working in, wiping out all your hard work.

Apple-tini: Eye strain from trying to read little tiny website text on your iPhone or other smartphone.

Gorilla grip: Permanent hand curl from wrapping it around an iPad.

Boss branding: The red mark that appears on your thigh after spending too many hours with an overheating laptop resting on your leg.

In all seriousness, many of these all-too-real (if unrecognized) maladies can be eased with regular breaks to move around and stretch. And yes, there's an app for that; try Stretch Relief.


Image via daniel_feldt/Flickr

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