3 Ways Your Ovaries Drain Your Wallet

pmsBlaming your bad mood on PMS is so last season ladies. You've got the bloat. You've got the pain. So it's time to work it all to your advantage.

How our bodies react to the changes in hormones throughout the menstrual cycle fascinates the heck out of scientists. They still haven't figure out how to keep us from "raging bi-otch mode" (OK, maybe that's just me), but they've got our cash habits figured out.

So that's something.


What can you blame on your ovaries?

1. Spending too much money. It is not, in fact, your parents' fault for not teaching you good money management skills. It's the PMS making you walk into the mall and walk out with a credit card bill bigger than the down payment you put on your first car.

According an article on the study over at Lemondrop, "Nearly 60 percent of those surveyed saying they'll spend around $40 more than necessary, while a further 6 percent admitted to dropping over $389 on luxury items like bags and shoes."

Ironically, that study says we spend less when we're more fertile.

Which doesn't explain this phenomena:

2. Spending on that hoochie shirt that makes your dad blush. We buy sexier clothes when we're ovulating. Which also happens to be the time of the month when we're a bit more adventurous between the sheets. Honey, that's nature's way of making up for us refusing to participate in blow job week.

3. Why we can't handle stress at work. Turns out it doesn't have to be during those days leading up to your period. Stress weeks before the big bleed has been found to make PMS significantly worse for women. The scientists tracked women over several cycles and had them compare the severity of their symptoms to times of stress. So you're not unreasonable in refusing overtime and not pushing yourself for the big jobs at work -- you're sparing them the pain of dealing with you when you're SEVERELY PMSing.

Image via Mike Licht NotionsCapital.com/Flickr

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