'Biggest Loser' Resort: Weight Loss Has Reached a New Low

Biggest Loser ResortIf you're overweight and have money to burn along with the calories, then a stay at the new Biggest Loser resort in Malibu may be just the thing for you.

It opens September 26 and sounds wonderful -- brand-new rooms, healthy fare, exercise classes galore, hiking, diet coaches, a full salon for your makeover, and more. It's everything you see on the show, along with the hopeful promises of you transforming yourself ... just as seen on TV.

But it also comes with a hefty price tag: $2,295-$2,695 week ... plus tax. You get a discount for longer stays -- four weeks is $10,000.

Is it really worth that?


While no price can be placed on good health, and people should be lauded for any steps they take to attempt weight loss, this whole emerging Biggest Loser franchise (Biggest Loser cruises and pre-packed foods are on the way) seems like a money-making prey on the emotionally charged issue of weight loss. 

As we know (or should know by now), just because it's reality TV doesn't mean what we see on TV really happens as it appears. Weight loss transformations certainly don't happen in a week, but we really want to believe that they can ... perhaps, just maybe.

While a good jump-start is just what some people need, think of how many hours of personal training sessions, healthy groceries, and months of a gym membership that money could buy to not only jump-start but also sustain the momentum.

If someone has unlimited funds or chooses this as a vacation instead of a buffet-filled cruise, great. But I worry about hordes of overweight people scraping together their every last dime to pay for a week that's only going to provide a small start -- and not what's advertised on TV.

Obviously there's a need and a desire for the show's results. And I think the Biggest Loser show alone has done a great deal of good inspiring people to get fit. I'm a fan!

I just hope people, or least people who don't have money to burn, have realistic expectations about the results they will actually likely get when they shell out their money.

Would you visit a Biggest Loser Resort?


Image via biggestloserresort.com

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