Powerful Cancer Weapon: The F Word

FU cancer shirtIf you've faced cancer, or watched a friend or family member suffer through it, being angry is a pretty normal reaction. I'm with Barbara Ehrenreich on this one; there's so much pressure to be positive and upbeat and happy all the freakin' time, admitting to being frightened and really, really angry is just as taboo as even talking about cancer once was. And that's not fair, to expect people who are going through something we all dread to put on a happy face all the time.

Well, screw that. Yael Cohen, who was inspired by watching her mom battle cancer, is harnessing the power of social media to say "F--- You" to the disease.


It started a few years ago when Yael's mom was diagnosed. While her mom was recovering from her surgery, Yael heard someone utter the phrase "F--- cancer" and a movement was born. She made a T-shirt for her mom with the phrase on it, and her mom got such a reaction that Yael decided to make T-shirts to raise money for cancer research. But that didn't seem like enough, so she launched the letsfcancer site, with companion Twitter and Facebook pages.

She teamed up with an interactive agency to start F-tember. You donate your Facebook and/or Twitter status to the cause daily or weekly during the month of September, and the page will generate random factoids about cancer. The idea is to encourage early detection, which is key to survival.

"Our goal is for society to start looking for cancer instead of accidentally finding it -- which can often be the difference between life and death," according to the site's mission statement.

I love this, and I'll be donating my status. Early detection is important, and so is empowering people to be angry if that's how they feel. 

Is "F--- Cancer" too in-your-face, or does it sound just about right?

Image via letsfcancer.com

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