'Thintervention': Is Trainer Jackie Warner a Big Fat Hypocrite?

jackie warner"Being fat isn't your fault, but staying fat is," says Jackie Warner, the abs-of-iron Wonder Woman trainer-turned-reality-show-star. Wow, intense! You might remember Jackie from Bravo's show Workout and now she's back to take a group of L.A.-based clients to "Lose It-ville" on Thintervention.

When I first saw previews for the new show, I thought, "Great, just what TV needs ... another Biggest Loser." Meaning, just another reality show where overweight contestants get squawked at by ripped trainers.

Turns out that, in Jackie's world, a lot of the squawking centers on sugar. She says her clients' slavish devotion to it is causing them to "stay fat." She truly believes -- and wants her clients to understand -- that "sugar equals pain." In fact, in the first episode, clients are told to toss any food with more than 5 grams of the stuff. Then, just to prove how serious she is about it, Jackie shows up uninvited to their homes to scold them for chugging martinis (that would be Nikki, the Australian cocktail-phile), eating two cookies (like Bryan, the self-confessed sugar addict), or keeping yogurt in their fridge (former Real Housewife of the OC Jeana is the culprit here).

That's right. I said yogurt. Jackie claims that although women think it's healthy, yogurt is actually a vile sugar bomb. But come on. That's certainly not the case for all yogurt, like, say, the plain, non-fat Greek kind. (Plus, it's super-filling, because it's got loads of protein.)

Now, as someone who once lost 40 pounds on a balanced diet -- while eating soft-serve on a regular basis! -- I think that Jackie's 100 percent anti-sugar regimen is a wee bit extreme.

Here's the thing: In her book This Is Why You're Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever): Eat More, Cheat More, Lose More -- and Keep the Weight Off, Jackie advocates two cheat days a week, because she says deprivation is detrimental to long-term success. I couldn't agree more. (I know that if you ask me to say "never" to chocolate, I'll want it always. Before you know it, I may have eaten my way through a whole bag of pretzel M&Ms! Whoops.)

So maybe Jackie's sage advice in her book means that her Sugar Police act on Thintervention is just for show? I hope so, because I'm rooting for her clients to succeed. And when it comes to lasting weight loss, I think that developing a healthy relationship with food -- including sugar -- is the most reasonable and realistic way to go.

What do you think about Jackie's Thintervention anti-sugar strategy?

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