27 Gym Etiquette Rules You Should Never Break

workoutGym goers repent! It's time for a reform in the way you go about your workouts.

Gyms should be pictures of health, sanctuaries of sanity filled with kindred, fitness-minded folks. Unfortunately, at nearly any one you enter anywhere in the country, there are also those who mar the experience for others with their bad behavior.

They eschew the unwritten code of gym etiquette rules and make the rest of us irritable at best and ill at worst. Whether they just don't get it or just don't care, they should be stopped!

It's time someone wrote down the offenses and posted them on gym mirrors and lockers everywhere.

So here they are, 27 of the biggest gym sins:


1.       Excessive, gratuitous grunting.

2.       Sitting naked on the locker room benches.

3.       Too much nudity (do you really need to blow dry your hair while buck naked?).

4.       Blow drying hair other than that on your head.

5.       Leaving Band-Aids in the showers.

6.       Sneaking peeks at the scale when someone else is weighing in.

7.       Straining to see the treadmill stats of the runner next to you.

8.       Picking a machine right next to someone when there are plenty of other ones open that would give you both some space.

9.       Excessive pruning in front of the gym mirrors.

10.   Obviously ogling members of the opposite sex.

11.   Being a show-off in cardio classes.

12.   Singing loudly to your music while you work out.

13.   Not wiping down equipment after you sweat all over it.

14.   Hogging the water fountain ... especially to fill a huge milk jug or other mammoth container.

15.   Applying makeup in the locker room, before you work out.

16.   Forgetting your deodorant.

17.   Wearing enough cologne or perfume to asphyxiate your fellow gym goers.

18.   PDA. (It's great you and your honey work out together, but the gym isn't the place for a make-out session.)

19.   Hogging a machine while you just sit/stand/lay there chatting away.

20.   Wearing clothing that reveals too much (this seems to be particularly problematic for men who go commando and wear loose gym shorts).

21.    Wearing jeans or other obviously non-athletic clothing to work out.

22.   Giving fellow gym goers unsolicited advice.

23.   Talking on your cell phone on the gym floor.

24.   Stalking a machine while someone is using it.

25.   Crowding others in fitness classes when there's plenty of room to spread out.

26.   Moving in on someone's space in a fitness class when she only went to grab a drink.

27.   Peeing in the shower.

Let gym goers everywhere now count their sins and change their ways!

What are the biggest gym sins you witness?

Image via istolethetv/Flickr

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