Sheyla Hershey Removes World's Biggest Breasts


Sheyla HersheyDoctors today removed all four of the implants that made Sheyla Hershey the owner of the world's largest breasts in an effort to save one breast and kill off a dangerous staph and strep infection that has been threatening her life for the past couple of months. The 30-year-old Brazilian housewife is said to be "critically disappointed" at her loss.

I can only compare this physically to the sensation of just giving birth. One minute your body cavity is full, the next it's empty and gaping. The loss of skin elasticity must be frightening. And she's not out of the woods yet.

Hershey is now taking three different antibiotics to fight her infections, levels that have to be continually monitored else they may cause damage to her kidneys and hearing. Could it get any worse for this woman? I hope Heidi Montag is reading this. She NEEDS to read this. Anyone who considers plastic surgery needs to.

Everyone loves to chuckle and wonder at the idea of plastic surgery, but it's critical to keep it real and realize that even a surgery for superficial reasons is still surgery. It carries risks and long-term health effects, especially when you put yourself into the hands of irresponsible doctors who don't know how to say no to a patient who clearly needs psychological help.

Let's hope Hershey gets that this time. At least she no longer needs to carry around the portable vacuum that was sucking the infection out of her breasts 24 hours a day for the last two months. Hershey is expected to make a full recovery and will qualify for reconstructive surgery in a few months. And I hope she'll choose her doctor carefully this time, and that the next time we see her in a photo, she'll be displaying a nice respectable C or D and loving her new, healthy self.


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Dianne Kovacs

Just in case you pretend to be stupid to notice: Those are not breasts, they are two hugh jugs full of silicon, covered with real skin of possibly a moron.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Not everyone loves to chuckle over plastic surgery, and it's insulting to imply that every woman out there is entertaining the idea having elective surgery.  The woman profiled obviously has some severe body issues - it doesn't mean we all do.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

those are beach balls, not boobies.

mommypip mommypip

Ewww giant pus bags.....

nonmember avatar Allboys

Obviously surgery carries risk. There aren't many people in this world who are oblivious to this. Women and men who seek out plastic surgery feel the benefits outweigh the risks. Doctors who preform c sections because they would rather make it home for dinner than allow a women to labor longer take less consideration for the "risks of surgery" than most people considering plastic surgery. It's a cost benefit situation. This woman by her actions proved she understood the gravity of the situation due to the extremes she has gone through to seek out treatment for her infection. She didn't just sit at home and allow herself to die she in your own words carried around a vacuum for two months for cripes sakes. It's not anyone's place to declare another person ignorant, vacuous or a persons breasts not breasts simply because they chose something you would not. Have a little more respect and compassion.

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