Sadistic Hospital Worker Gives Women Fake Mammogram Results

breast cancerThe news that a hospital worker in Georgia has been faking the mammogram results of hundreds of women couldn't have come at a worse time.

According to ABC News, Rachael Rapraeger, a radiology technician at Perry Hospital, allegedly told women they were breast cancer free.

But she never actually sent the tests to a radiologist to determine whether the women HAD breast cancer.

Ah, just in time for the big push for October: Smush Your Boobies Between Two Cold Metal Plates Month. 


The news would be terrifying any time of the year. But this fall especially women need a push to get themselves to the doctor.

Why? Because breast cancer awareness programs are getting slammed left and right.

New guidelines are letting states yank the screenings from uninsured women to cut costs.

The I Heart Boobies bracelets are nothing but a way kids sneak the word "boobies" into school. The Facebook bra color status did a big fat nothing. The feminists are having a field day raking all the programs over the coals.

The numbers of women getting their mammogram have risen significantly thanks to all these silly programs. But more than a quarter of women still aren't buying the pitch.

And if they can find any excuse in the book not to go, they will.

Like, I'm too cold today.

I don't have time.

Or there's some crazy lady in Georgia giving false negatives. They may not find it anyway, so what's the point?

Hey ladies, stop being lazy and get thee to a mammogram machine.

Mammograms suck with a capital suck. I know. I had a painful lump in my breast that was only made more painful when I had to stick my teeny weeny tata between two freezing cold plates and then try to stay in place while they diddled around in the back room.

But finding out I didn't have cancer made my day. It could make yours.

Oh, and Rapgraeger has been indicted this week for reckless conduct and computer fraud. Her days from here on out are going to be like one endless mammogram -- cold metal up close and personal.


Image via audreyjym529/Flickr

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