A Pill to Cure Laziness?


lazy catDoes anyone remember the 1980s commercials for health clubs starring Cher, where her tagline was "If it came in a bottle, everyone would have a good body"? Well, apparently for Cher "it" can be found in a plastic surgeon's office from the freakish look she's taken on lately, but the point is well taken. Working out is, after all, work.

I've often wished there was a way to make me more a workout dynamo in the manner of Anna Paquin and less a couch potato at heart. And apparently, University of California researchers are working on a pill that would do just that.

Researchers found they could selectively breed mice who were able to run faster (we'll call these the Anna Paquin mice), and the genes would be passed down to their offspring, who also could run fast and be more active.

Is it a surprise to anyone at all that it would make sense for running fast to be a dominant gene that coud be passed down? After all, running fast for a mouse means you're not caught by the neighborhood cat or owl.

Still, the scientists are trying to translate this finding into a drug that will make it uncomfortable for lazy people to sit around for long periods of time.

As much fun as that would be, I am a litte hesitant to treat every single negative condition with a pill. Laziness isn't a medical condition people can't help. Even the laziest person ever can be motivated to get up off the couch with enough determination ... it's more a behavioral thing.

Would you take a pill for laziness?

Image via Emilian Robert Vicol/Flickr

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CherB... CherBearCM

Nah, I think we all need to be lazy now and again ;)

RanaA... RanaAurora

It's called meth, dude.  LOL.

CherB... CherBearCM

LMAO @Rana... true that!

RanaA... RanaAurora

But then there's that whole problem with it being illegal, hideous for you, and you can't concentrate on what you're doing, you hallucinate, and you can't even eat because you can't focus on eating and 1/4th a sandwich takes an hour...

Nevermind.  I'll wait for something else.

Tiger... TigerRose7671

no i would not .. pills are not the cure all they claim to be .. there are sooooooooo many side effects that do more harm then good for a person .. just get off your duff anf get outside and enjoy your life to the fullest ! teach your kids to go out side and play i nthe rain and make mud pies .. go on a bug adventure , fly a kite ! heck the wind does most of the work for you even lol

cfdm3... cfdm3s_mommy

I don't know if I would need something like that, but I would be tempted to slip it to my husband


AznHi... AznHisoka

There's no question I'll take a pill for laziness. Beats going to the gym, losing weight and working hard anyday of the week! 

sodapple sodapple

no, what would the side effects be?

Pnukey Pnukey

No thanks.

momof... momoflilangel

I wouldn't take that pill. That's just what we need in today's society, another pill for another problem.

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