Fattest Career Ever? That Would Be Mine

fat catAbout 99 percent of the time, I love being a freelance writer. I can schedule my own time, run errands at off-peak hours, and it's never boring. There are far worse ways to earn a living than typing away on a laptop while snuggled on the couch with my kids. Some days I even get to write in my PJs.

Here's one downside: Those PJs? They are nice and comfy ... and will not let you know when you've put on some poundage. And while an office fridge is generally full of icky meeting leftovers and your coworkers' lunches, I stock the fridge here and it's full of all my favorites, not to mention conveniently located mere steps away from my desk.

Fitness expert -- and freelancer -- Scott Tousignant said that most of his freelancer friends put on 30 or more pounds during their first few months of freelancing. He put on a shocking 45 pounds during his first few months on his own ... and he's a fitness writer!


It's the drive to succeed that ends up making freelancers succeed best at padding their butts, he says. When you're on your own and earning your next paycheck is in your hands, you can feel like any time not spent working is wasted.

Of course, investing in yourself pays off in countless ways. You can be more creative when you disconnect from the BlackBerry and the computer screen for an hour and let your mind wander. It also gives you an energy boost to keep making those clients happy.

Fitting in the time to work out can be a challenge when you've said "yes" to maybe one or two more projects than you can handle without freaking. Tousignant recommends a short, 10-minute burst of strength training during the early part of your day, and adding in another 10-minute burst of cardio later on when your energy starts to flag. He also takes a 30-minute walk or bike ride most days, which help him clear his mind and come up with new ideas.

How do you work at home and work out?

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