6 Reasons You Should Love Your Teeny Tatas


small breastsThere was just one part of my body that benefited from pregnancy.

Suddenly I had an A cup.

A real A. Not the A minus I've been building since puberty.

I can joke about it because I finally gave up caring sometime in my late teens/early 20s.

That's right -- I don't give a flip about my lack of cleavage.

And if a story in this past weekend's New York Times is to be believed, I'm more the norm than society would have you think.

The standard belief is small chest equals serious boob envy. No comment on where Freud stands on the issue.

But the Times' Catherine Saint Louis cites blogs, tweets, and a mix of boutique owners and authors all amounting to the simple truth: 2010 is the year A became Awesome.

Having never seen a boob job that made me drool, I tend to agree. There are some drawbacks -- having a hard time finding a pretty bra in your size can make any woman cranky.

But let's go with the positives, shall we?

1. No back pain. The girls with big girls suffer big time.

2. Bras are cheaper. I can run into any store on the planet and grab a bra. It may not be pretty, but it works. Not so for the ladies who need lots of support from a fancy brassiere.

3. Breastfeeding is easier. Some studies have found breastfeeding can be a little tougher if you've got big boobs (not impossible, note, but a little harder).

4. Fewer stretchmarks. At least on the chest. During pregnancy, the breasts stretch to accommodate the milk coming in -- but it's often more so with larger tatas. And don't forget that huge growth in the teen years leads to angry red marks.

5. No chafing or heat rash. Every big-breasted woman I know has complained about this at some time or another -- and I can pump my fist high and tell you the skin on my girls is rub free.

6. Exercise is easier. There's nothing getting in the way when you want to hit the floor during yoga, nothing jiggling when you run.

Why do you love your small chest?


Image via lululemon athletica/Flickr

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RanaA... RanaAurora

I started out at a 30A.  That is to say, pretty dang flat. Those bras were padded.

Now I had to buy a DD, and I hate it!  They're such a PAIN, I can't NOT wear a bra comfortably, ever.  I want to go back to a B. :(

jayboff jayboff

I like being able to sleep on my stomach :)

Annabelle Eldridge

I have humungo boobies!! NO FUN! LOL.. I envy the smaller chested women. So fewer problems!

possu... possummom

i have been blessed with a 34 A cup. that is all. i was barely a B with my first and second pregnancy. i  have to say ...breastfeeding for me was a breeze. no major problems. i never gave it thought that maybe my small breast were the reason why. i love the fact that i can go without a bra if i want. at 35 my girls are still perky...no sagging...yet. and i love sleeping on my stomache. i wonder if there are women out there who envy those of us with smaller breast.

dabab... dababimama

you can wear a much more versatile and sassy wardrobe without looking immodest since your breasts aren't falling all over the place. and i have noticed that sometimes a large chest can make you look heavy or over weight if you don't "package" those girls correctly. my one complaint with my small chest is that i have to make sure that my tummy doesn't stick out further than my boobs! LOL  

Death... Deathlilly

I was an A, now a B and while I still would like to be a little fuller, I'm happy ^_^

nonmember avatar Mike M

Speaking as a guy - a couple reasons to add to the list: You're more likely to attract guys who aren't that big on superficial qualities. And as you've said yourself, I believe that a woman with a smaller chest may be more likely to accept herself the way she is at an earlier age than other women. (Self-acceptance and self-confidence add a whole lot to what makes a woman beautiful, at least to guys such as myself.)

AngiDas AngiDas

clappingThe AA cupper agrees!

Lee Ann Shepherd

I try not to think of small boobs,When I had my fiest  ( of 4 ) I looked so beautiful ,The first thing I did was to run out to buy a sweater. I enjoyed it for about a month and then it was back to.Oh well. I am now 77 and I still pad my bra.I still care how I look,but I still remember how beautiful I was for that very short time.

Olive... Olivers_mommy

When breastfeeding I was a 40DDD .. I'm now a 38DD and I am so envious of those that are B cups. It's extremely difficult to find a good sports bra to work out in.  The sports bras I have now just make the boobs bounce as one .. instead of independently.. while running.  Not exactly comfortable.

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