8 Really Wimpy Sick Day Excuses


sickHave you ever called in sick to work because of your period? In CafeMom's Newcomer's Club group, one member was dumbfounded that an employee at her husband's business called in sick because it was That Time.

As it turns out, some women have an absolutely brutal time of it during their periods, and many posters chimed in to say they had called in sick to work and school because of heavy cramps or bleeding.

The whole discussion got me thinking: What should you never ever try to call in sick for?     

Here's my list of really wimpy excuses for shirking your daily duties at work:

1). Hangover. Seriously, people, do the crime, do the time, and that includes sitting in a meeting thinking you're actually, genuinely going to die if that annoying girl from accounting does not stop talking NOW and worrying that you're actually sweating margarita. The only possible exception is if you're still a little bit drunk when it's time to go to work ... and if that's the case, you might think about making AA your next call.

2) Stayed up too late watching a movie/reading a book. I understand, I am one of you, the sisterhood of those who suddenly look at the clock and think "CRAP!!" But this isn't college, and an all-nighter finishing the latest Jonathan Franzen is not an excuse to skip your 8 o'clock.

3) Having had a really crappy day the day before. Oh, I've been there ... you have a run-in with your evil boss or an unpleasant interaction with a customer, you go home and apply your medicine of choice (exercise, a bowl of ice cream, a beer ... or all three, in my case), and you wake up the next day thinking you cannot possibly face showing up at the office. Again, this is another case of putting on your big-girl panties and dealing ... but I wouldn't fault you for using your lunch hour to surf HotJobs.

4) Having a deadline on a freelance project. Always a bad idea. Budget your time such that the people who pay your FICA get first priority.

5) To extend a vacation or a holiday. Once, back when I was a fresh-out-of-college cub reporter, I was working at a paper where it was just me and an editor (who was a not-at-all-evil and actually kind of awesome boss). She took the week between Christmas and New Year's off, and I had to lay out the paper and check page proofs by myself. This was the first time my big boss (also awesome) had trusted me with this and I really, really wanted to do a great job.

And then I got a stomach flu. A disgusting, horrible stomach flu. I called in and offered to do as much as I could from home ... this was in the old days before PDFs and email, so that wasn't much. My boss clearly didn't believe me, and when I dragged myself in a day later to the production facility, literally four different people came by to have a look at me and said, "Wow, you really are sick" in a tone of great surprise. And then I puked on their shoes (no, I didn't, but I wish I had). The upshot? Unless you're too sick to move and look it, drag yourself in on those days, because no one's going to believe you're sick anyway.

6) To attend a concert, sporting event, etc. It's an almost ironclad guarantee that whatever you do, you will wind up on television or run into your boss. This includes events in other states ... blow off work to drive to Chicago for a day game at Wrigley, and you will end up on ESPN just as your boss is flipping through the channels on her way to the Lifetime Network.

7) The sex. Your partner gets back from a business trip, you missed him/her, the kids are packed off to school, and the bed beckons. Actually, this one might not be so bad ...

8) The baby kept you up. It's been a long time since I've been up all night with a baby (and now I'm totally jinxing myself putting that out there for all the world to see ... cue 2-year-old double ear infection in three ... two ... one), and when I have been, I just thanked the heavens I worked at home. Those mornings when the alarm goes off and you start to cry because you got a grand total of 45 minutes of sleep are awful, no question. But they're also not what sick days are for. If you absolutely cannot face being at work in such a sleep-deprived condition, beg for a vacation or personal day instead.

What's the most creative excuse you have heard (or used) for calling in sick?


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MomIWant MomIWant

We had someone call in the morning saying she was going to be late because her daughter was in a car accident and the life flighted her to the nearest hospital at 6:00 a.m.  She showed up to work at 9:00 a.m. because her daughter was home and everything was fine......

MissF... MissForth

I've not only called in to work and school because it was "that time", I've also had to leave early from both. I used to get horribly sick almost every month. Shake, sweat, pass out, and eventually vomit. But it often took hours before it was over. I had a boss once who was an evil woman but even she sent me home and made me call someone to come get me because she wouldn't let me drive home. So I take that "excuse" pretty seriously. But if you bring something on yourself..ie,hangover..then you should have to live with it.lol

biker... bikerchickmommy

i've never called in sick unless i or my children ARE sick. i have even gone to work with a hangover. and what made it even worse was that i was a drink runner (all alcoholic drinks)  that evening and every time they sat ANYTHING in front of me to run to a table i wanted to hurl cause i could smell the alcohol. luckily i didn't but i've never gotten that drunk ever again unless its my day off the next day. lol. i do believe i learned my lesson the first time, even though now i work around mostly coffee. lol

toria... toriandgrace

This isn't work, but I'm a board member for my neighborhood and I had missed the last two events/meetings because I had a stomach flu the one time and my parents were flying in the other time. When the next meeting came, I came down with a kidney infection. I was afraid they wouldn't believe me, so I showed up for a few minutes to drop off some papers. I figured me waddling in, cringing in severe pain would prove that I really was ill.

RanaA... RanaAurora

My sister used to miss a few days of school every month because her period was so bad that she spent the day curled up in a ball, crying or trying to sleep, loaded on pain killers.
It's gotten better for her since she started birth control, but regardless, it's a legitimate reason for *some* women.

My job right now is from home, so I don't really have any good excuses. ;)

Mary Wysong

I have never called off unless I was actually very sick or contagious. Anyone old enough to have a job is too old to call off for frivilous reasons. Are there really working people that immature running around in the world? Yikes.

nonmember avatar Kellie

A sick day is something you earn. It's a right that is granted upon you, at least at my job. I can stow away my sick leave for years and then retire early, or I can take it when I feel necessary. It's mine to use, so why get so uptight about how I use it? If I want a mental health day and I have no pressing projects at work, I don't see the harm in calling in. People who give themselves personal time fare much better at work, anyway. And as long as you don't call in sick every week, I doubt anyone is really keeping track or even cares. Why anyone calls in sick is their business, not yours. If they aren't hurting productivity or creating a problem for their co-workers, it's not your place to decide what makes them mature or immature.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I never miss unless I have a valid reason (like illness) and was never in a position to hear any other persons excuses.

nonmember avatar maria

Im too sick to call out. If you can call out sick, then there's nothing wrong. Get a family member to call out for you.

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