13 Ways to Get Your Workout for Free (Or Almost)


running with dogsIt's hard to put a price on health, but the recession might have done just that.

The number of Americans working out at the gym has gone down in spades since 2008, forcing plenty to close up shop.

But the battle of the bulge hasn't quit just because your wallet is slimmer these days. Here's your excuse to act like a cheapskate ... it's GOOD for you:

1. Take a free yoga class: In honor of Yoga Month, 1,000 studios are offering a week of free classes. If there are enough studios in your town, you could get a whole month out of that.

2. Ask the gym for a discount: Yes, they're struggling too. If they want to keep your business, they can work for it.

3. Volunteer as a partner for a dance class: Dancing can be an incredible workout (have you ever seen the legs on those ladies on Dancing With the Stars?), but having a partner is key. Show up at guest dance night at the local studio and see who else is there. People go looking for people who love to dance -- and you might find someone willing to split the cost (or spring for the whole thing).

4. Contact your local school: As long as there is no school-related event going on, some districts allow taxpayers to use the athletic fields for free (hey, you're paying for maintenance). Which could mean a nice track to run on or a place to play soccer with your besties completely gratis.

5. Volunteer as a kids' coach or get a job as a referee: A youth soccer referee spends 90 minutes running. And you can get paid to do it.

6. Hit the park: Pick up soccer games are just waiting for you to join in.

7. Take the dog out for a run: I'm the type of person who can't exercise alone -- I get the social animal issue -- but how many times have you used the "I have no one to walk/run/etc. with" excuse ... then walked to the door and let the dog out to pee alone.

8. Check with the library: A host of libraries are incorporating free yoga and Pilates classes into their patron programming because of the public obesity crisis.

9. Join a nature hiking group: Hiking burns calories too -- and gives you sexy calf muscles from all those uphill climbs. And whoever saw a yellow-bellied warbler at the gym?

10. Use the videos: If you have a cable subscription, flip around for a workout channel or hit the library for free video rentals. If you're bored with yours, check with friends and trade.

11. Hit the apparel shops: To convince you to buy their clothes, places like Lululemon offer free classes.

12. Use the kids' playground: It's open, it's free, and you can do chin-ups, push-ups, and more.

13. Hit the local kids' football stadium: Run steps on the bleachers for nada.

Needless to say there's plenty you can do at home too for nothing. But if you need to get out of the house to get a workout, don't say you're too broke.

What's your secret for cutting workout costs?


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hotic... hoticedcoffee

I use the On Demand/Sports & Fitness feature on my cable - not really free given the out-friggin'-rageous cost of cable, but it's still not extra money out of my pocket.  I love being able to try something new every day, and get in a good workout right in my living room.  I'm not one who loves to exercise, and would find a zillion excuses to not do it if I actually had to leave the house.

sodapple sodapple

the walking your kid to school, then come back and walk the dogs to walk back pick up your kids while having on tow your 6 month old workout! lol let's not forget those days where you have to add a couple of step climbing to and from the subway.

Carey... Carey2006

Check out workout dvds from the local library

ethan... ethans_momma06

Great tips! Generally I just do something at home.

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