Elizabeth Hurley Has a Naughty Diet Secret


Elizabeth HurleyThe fact that Elizabeth Hurley has an amazing bod is no secret, but she recently revealed a secret about how she maintains it.

And it's not exactly the doctor-approved sort. In fact, it goes against pretty much all medical advice out there.

Her revelation, which she shared with the world via Twitter: Breakfast ... or rather lack thereof.

“My diet survived the onslaught of phenomenal vacation food. Doctors disagree, but I swear by almost nothing for breakfast for adults," she stated. “Mugs of hot water first thing, maybe an espresso and a few oat cakes mid-morning."

Blasphemy against breakfast? That all-important, most-important, metabolism-starting meal? How could she?

Nutritionists quickly called bunk on her junk preachings.

“By breakfast time, most people haven't eaten for about 10 hours -- blood sugar is low and so your body really needs the energy that breakfast provides before you start your day," Dr. Laura Wyness, senior nutrition scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation, told NewsCore. "People who eat breakfast seem to find it easier to maintain a healthy body weight. It is likely that breakfast will stave off mid-morning hunger pangs."

As bad as it may be, Hurley's secret is my secret too. Not that my figure resembles hers, but I almost never eat breakfast -- unless you count coffee, in which case I consume a TON of breakfast.

I don't like that many breakfast foods; I'm not particularly hungry at that time of the day; and I figure it's a couple hundred calories I can eat later in the day when I want to.

All excuses, I know, but it works for me, and apparently it works even better for Elizabeth Hurley.

What about you, do you eat breakfast every morning?


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chris... christie30650

This article made me go "Hmmmm..". I NEVER EAT breakfast. I always have something right before lunch (midmorning). I have always had a great metabolism!! I have 3 kids and I am 5'7 130 lbs. I don't think this will be a diet secret any longer.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

This is hardly a "diet" secret.  She's naturally thin - some people are like that, and many of them are models.  Horrible "advice", in my opinion - I hope most of us have the sense to ignore it.

NotVe... NotVeryClever

Ha I was just thinking about this yesterday. I know that it's supposed to help your metabolism but when I eat breakfast then I just keep snacking and eating all day and consume way more calories than if I just skip breakfast all together. I think it just depends on what works for you.

Sampa... SampaGirl

I rarely ever eat breakfast, like you, coffee is my breakfast.  About 3 hrs later I grab 1/4 cup of almonds and munch on that throughout the morning but not all at once. I feel good and energized.  If I feel like something else I stick my hand in a box of whole grain cereal and chum it down, no milk or bowl.  I know, I only do this at home ;)  - it's easy and quick for me.  I feel exercise is important but not nearly as import as how much food I put in my mouth.  That's what works for me. :) 

Megara Megara

My breakfast is 1-2 cups of coffee - except when I'm pregnant, then it's 1-2 bagels.

nonmember avatar kim

I HATE breakfast. Coffee is my breakfast. I have no desire to eat in the mornings, so most of the time, I just don't. I always feel super hungry after I eat breakfast, no matter what I eat.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Blashemy it may be, but my brain barely functions in the morning. Coffee is my friend, but I don't necessarily WANT to eat.

mamak... mamakenzi

I rarely eat breakfast.  I am also 5'9" and 107lbs.  Maybe she is right.

Sunse... SunsetMom64

The meal she should be skipping is dinner. 

This is stupid "advice" anyway because I seriously doubt if she ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast that she would start piling on the pounds. 

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