Foursquare Wants to Report Your STD Status

GYTHave you been checked for STDs today? What, you wouldn't tell a stranger that?

Foursquare and MTV think you should.

The addictive mobile app has teamed up with the home of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom to encourage people to find out if they're one of the one in five Americans with an STD.

And then they want you to tell the world.


After you drop by the doc's, you can download a "GYT" -- that's Get Yourself Tested -- badge from the geo-caching game.

Because there's no way to celebrate becoming the mayor like yelling, "I got tested for crabs today!"

I give MTV and Foursquare credit for the project. It's an important message, and if you've watched an episode of Jersey Shore lately, you might be wondering if syphilis has gotten to their brains.

But saying you "got tested" usually means you thought you "needed" to be tested. Which means you're announcing to the world of Foursquare (including your granny) that you did something where you maybe sort of possibly could have caught a raging case of something.

Have heart -- so has most every other person on the planet. Even people who are totally monogamous can have an STD.

And sometimes the anonymity is a bit ... over the top? I was required by NY State law to have an HIV test (negative yo!) when I was pregnant. My OB/GYN offered me the chance to go for an anonymous test ... even though, um, he would get the results?

Letting your doctor in on your STD fears is one thing, though. Letting the whole world know is a whole uncomfortable talk with Granny about kids these days.

Unless you're just in it for the free trip to New York City they're giving away. Ah, gotcha there, didn't we?

Would you let people know you just got tested?


Image via It's Your Sex Life

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