Want Respect at Work? You Won't Get It With Names Like These

honey bucketDoes your boss call you "love"?

How about "babe"?

A survey that falls under the uh duh category shows three-quarters of women hate being called a pet name by the boss.

Now for the shocker: only one in four calls it "unprofessional."


Ladies, a word. If your boss calls you honey, and you don't find it objectionable, stop asking yourself why you don't get any respect.

You could use a little boost of self esteem.

A few of the worst offenders:

1. Adding "ie" or "y" to women's names. Please don't call Chris, Chrissy. She is not 5 years old.

2. Names out of a relationship. Honey. Love. Sweetie. Anything my husband calls me, you can't.

3. Shortening names.The birth certificate says Katherine. Not Kate. Not Cathy.

4. Rhyming names. Yes, her name is Cary. She doesn't care if you want to marry her.

5. Sex-ifying names. Lexi is Sexy, but that's not for you to say.

6. Commenting on her size. Shortie and Stretch are hanging out at the skate park, not the water cooler.

What's the worst name your boss has tried using on you?


Image via magnetbox/Flickr

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