Another Reason to Eat Your Breakfast

LelandsMommy's boys at breakfast time.

I'm guilty. Five out of seven mornings, I skip my breakfast. Here's more proof that I'm breaking the golden rule of nutrition and dieting: A new study says I should just sit down and eat because if I don't, I am likely to make poor food choices for the rest of the day.


People who eat breakfasts that are filling but have fewer calories tend to have better diets throughout their day and lower weights throughout their lives. Good choices are fruits, vegetables, soups and whole grains like oatmeal, according to a new study by the Rippe Lifestyle Institute.

The thinking is that people who make better food choices in the morning--like whole grain oatmeal and 100 percent orange juice--work more essential vitamins and nutrients into their days, and they tend to make better eating choices in general.

Are you surprised about this research? I'm not. I could have guessed that people who opt for oatmeal are healthier and weigh less than those who grab powdered donuts.

As for me, I don't eat either, but that's just because I'm trying to get my kids to preschool on time. Usually, there's a banana or low-calorie yogurt in my work bag--and those count as lower calorie, filing foods. I hope.

CafeMom merryheart asked everyone what they were eating for breakfast in the Just For Fun Questions section--no one even mentioned a Munchkin. So do you eat breakfast? What do you grab?

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