$10,000 for an Exercise Bike? Not Unless It Works Out by Itself!

ciclotteI'm sorry, but design snobs are hilarious. I know a few: They don't allow their children to play with plastic toys and just about faint dead away at the idea that their home might actually look like it has small people living there. And don't even talk to them about pets, especially pets that lack a good design aesthetic.

They'll happily pay much more for things that are modern and sleek -- except for the cheap chic from Target or IKEA because if the masses can get it, it's not worth owning. These people are going to lose their minds over the Ciclotte exercise bike ... not least because of its $10,000 price tag.

Call me a philistine Midwesterner (and you will), but for $10,000 the bike ought to come with a smokin' hot trainer and/or do the workout for me!


To quote the website copy:

"Ciclotte is the new must-have of luxury fitness; a project that combines idea, form, and technology, rethinking the traditional aesthetic standards and the actual interpretation of the exercise bike."

But wait, there's more:

"Ciclotte arises from the need to bring into everyday life a design that is a real expression of contemporary living ... it breaks with the designs of gym equipment that have always emphasized functional aspects, to find a place of inimitable style within the most varied living contexts ..."

Okay, settle down. It's an exercise bike -- something you drip sweat all over and spill water on, and one that quite frankly looks like it would be mega-uncomfortable to ride. I'm not very tall and the angle between the handlebars and the seat looks exceptionally awkward.

At least it will look gorgeous when you inevitably "forget" to use it. I'd actually be much more likely to spend $10,000 on it (in very, very imaginary dollars) as a piece of sculpture rather than a piece of exercise equipment.

Do you covet the Ciclotte?

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