Shut Up, Gwyneth ... This Time About Your Bones

milkOh, Gwyneth Paltrow. I used to like you so much. You were so charming in Shakespeare in Love, so natural and cute and normal-seeming in your interviews, albeit dropping the name of the prep school you went to an awful lot. Then you named your kid, born the same year as mine, Apple. Okay, that's wacky, but celebs have done worse. The second named Moses was a little, um, overreaching, perhaps?

And then you started GOOP. Known to me only as "that 'Shut Up, Gwyneth' website."

There is nothing about it that doesn't annoy the living daylights out of me. Such as this, where she talks about how she had a "pretty severe tibia fracture," aka she broke her shinbone, but that is just not pretentious enough, apparently.

She goes on to use the British spelling of osteopenia, the disease she was diagnosed with, by her "western/eastern" doctors. Which, I discovered with just the slightest hint of schadenfreude, is not actually a disease.


Osteopenia is a slight, natural thinning of the bones as we age. It happens to everybody, and isn't likely to result in the same kind of disabling bone breaks as you would see in osteoporosis. She did apparently have low vitamin D levels, which she claims were the lowest her "western/eastern" physicians have ever seen.

Low vitamin D levels actually are a problem; you need a certain amount of sunscreen-free skin exposure for your body to make it, and deficiency is bad for your bones. Pale types like me and Gwyneth tend to pile on the SPF when we're going to be outside for any length of time, because we burn fast and badly.

But there's absolutely no clinical evidence that low levels of Vitamin D pose danger to anything other than your bones; doctors who claim vitamin D deficiency causes cancer, Alzheimer's, or a whole host of other problems don't have any scientific evidence for their claims. There's actually research going on right now to determine what, if any, benefits come from taking vitamin D supplements.

Until then, it can't hurt to take some if it makes you worry less. Drink some milk, take a walk in the sunshine ... and shut up, Gwyneth.


Image via Mycael/Flickr

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