Awesome New Exercise Classes I Can't Wait to Try (Kangoo Jumps!)

Kangoo JumpsI have wanted a pair of Kangoo Jumps ever since I saw the Kardashian sisters running in them along a beach in Miami on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. I didn't know what they were, but they looked so fun and springy and like a great workout. 

Turns out they're not just for running, there are gyms that offer Kangoo Jumps classes. You can check them out in action in this video.

Are you ready to sign up? Me too!

The Kangoo Jump classes were highlighted in a recent article by Shape magazine along with six other new exercise classes that left me jonesing for the gym.


Also on the list were hula hoop classes of which Marisa Tomei is a big fan, and AntiGravity Yoga classes where you get to hang from a big hammock in the ceiling while doing your poses. Namaste stat, please!

There are classes based on Irish Stick Fighting (yes, you get to use a real stick) and some that combine martial arts in new ways. Learn protection while you perspire!

Basically, there's something to excite nearly everyone about exercise and to spice things up for those of us who don't move much from the comfort of our running shoes very often.

The only problem is that I read about these great classes, and I can't find them locally. So I just have to wait until they really catch on and expand, which they rarely do. I'm still waiting for a Karaoke spin class near me!

Have you taken any of these classes? Which ones sound like the most fun to you?

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