Learn From Babies: Start Crying for Your Health

cryingMore proof babies are smarter than adults: we try to ward off the tears, babies cry it out.

And it's not just about getting out your emotions.

Scientists are now telling us we need to cry for pretty much the same reasons as baby: to send a signal to the world.


Says a report on NPR:

"Tears let our intimates in — people within a couple of feet of us, who would be more likely to help."

Kind of like babies crying to get Mom to show up to change that diaper?

Only we're getting our emotional crap out and cuing someone else to come clean it up for us. While you're at it, substitute bottle or boob for the crying baby for bottle of wine for the crying lady, and you've got the idea.

We could all use a little bit of comfort, but how often do you let your guard down and actually ask for it? All that holding back is just holding you back on your

I had my eyes opened to just letting them cloud over with the birth of my daughter. She cries with reckless abandon, and I'd spent decades fighting the urge.

I used to be embarrased to cry. Now I let it all out.

How about you?

Image via SashaW/Flickr

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