Runners With Big Boobs: Help May Be on the Way!

woman runningThe fact that I can tweet to the world what I'm thinking in 140 characters or less anytime day or night to millions of people, but they can't make a sports bra that actually supports is one of those baffling and frustrating mysteries of the universe.

But at least it sounds like they're working on it.

To study what happens to 'the girls" when girls run, they used infrared cameras. What they found is disturbing for female runners, especially those of us with larger breasts.


In sum: Bouncing breasts are bad for our bodies.

“Higher forces exerted by the foot when running indicate a higher intensity of stress for a runner, which has potential to increase physiological demand,” Jenny White, the study’s lead author, told The New York Times

She said the extra forces also, over time, can “lead to the development of stress-related injuries.”

The Times article goes on to talk about research in the area of breast movement, including a study that found breasts move in a figure eight pattern when women run, and since bras are only built for up and down motion, they don't accommodate.

I love this line from the piece that talks about how the subject hasn't gotten the necessary attention until recently: " ... a raft of new studies has established, convincingly, that breasts are more mobile and less manageable than most people once believed.

Ha, the story of my life!

I've searched high and low for sports bras that actually work with little success. I have a few that are better than others, but my best bet is layering a couple together. Oh how I would love to just wear one that actually works someday.

There's an experimental bra in Australia that sounds like a great start -- it compresses the breasts and lifts each one up individually with foam inserts. It's not on the market yet, but at least it seems like hope is on the way. 


Image via mikebaird/Flickr

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