Light Beer Is Better for Good Skin

beerIf you're a fan of beer, you might want to pass up full-calorie beer (or as I call it, the real stuff) for that vile light or ultra-light swill. Otherwise, you could end up with the icky and painful skin disorder psoriasis.

The Nurses Health Study, which studies a group of nurses who have volunteered to have their habits tracked over time, found that those who consumed the most regular beer were twice as likely to develop psoriasis than women who drank light beer, wine, or hard liquor. Honestly, I think I'd rather have psoriasis or give up beer entirely than drink that stuff.


Of course, other studies have shown that dark beers share the health benefits found in wine. And seriously, that light stuff is awful. I've tried it, and the best of the bunch barely clears the bar of "not entirely horrible." I understand not wanting to consume a lot of calories or carbs, but have a beer or two less and you'll accomplish the same goal and actually be drinking something worth the calories. Sub in some club soda, and I swear you won't notice a difference in taste; in fact, the club soda will probably taste better.

They think it's the fermented barley or wheat in beer that causes the psoriasis, which contains gluten and can cause bad reactions in some people. I don't know ... I have consumed a great deal of beer in my life. Most of it has been the full-flavored stuff, but I've never once had psoriasis or anything like it. And thank goodness; it sounds awful. As awful as being sentenced to a lifetime of drinking 70-calorie beer.

Image via Mike McCune/Flickr

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